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What does a DUI cost in Florida?

dui lawyer tampa floridaIt is important for a DUI Attorney in Tampa to sit down with his consults and let them know from the very beginning what the costs of a DUI conviction really are.  There are of course social (you may get fired from work) costs and punitive (you may go to jail) costs.  But for many people, the most painful and likely cost of a DUI conviction is the financial costs.

Financial Costs: DUI’s hit the Pocketbook

Of course, there is the cost of hiring the DUI Attorney to represent you.  But if your Tampa DUI Lawyer can keep you from suffering a conviction on your record, he may be worth his price many times over.  Consider:

Court Costs and Fines

The first thing people ask:  what are the fines?  The answer:  quite alot.  A first DUI fine will run in excess of $1000.00 in florida.  A first time where the breath test result was a bove a .15 will cost you over $1500.00.  A second time DUI is between $2,000.00 and $2,500.00.  A third or fourth DUI can run you over $4K!


A hidden cost of a DUI conviction is the DMV reinstatement costs.  All told, these costs run in excess of $200.00 dollars.


a DUI conviction will require alchohol treatment and classes.  Bookmark anywhere from $250.00 to $750.00 dollars, depending on the classes required.


Perhaps the most painful financial cost, because it continues for up to three years after  your conviction.  A DUI conviction required a FR-44 form be submitted to your carrier.  Your insurance company will likely respond by doubling or even tripling the amount that you pay in insurance.  Take your premium now, multiply it by three for a new premium, than put that out over the next three years.  Not pretty.


Oh, and the probation.  That will run you approximately 50 to 60 dollars over the course of the 12 months that you are on probation.

It is clear that the costs of a DUI conviction far outweigh the price you will pay for a reasonable DUI Attorney.  it is also obvious why it is in your best interest to take your case to trial, or see if you can settle with the State for a Reckless Driving.