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"I wanted to personally thank you for helping me through this rough time / “road block” in my life. Thank you for all that you did and all the hard work.  I could not have picked better lawyers.  It was nice having a law firm that cares, considering I had just moved to Florida and was not familiar with the area. You were on point with everything and moved quickly with every step of the process.  It was nice and comforting knowing I had lawyers representing me where I was a name and not a number.You have an excellent firm and I will without a doubt recommend you to anyone that asks. I truly appreciate it all.  Thanks for everything and the outcome I wanted!" - J.T.

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"I would like to thank you all for the great help.  Denmon & Denmon is first class all the way.  I have referred multiple people to your firm already. Denmon & Denmon is a first class law firm, one of the best law firms in all of the Bay Area, a real five star team." - M.M.

Divorce Attorneys in Tampa

The Tampa Divorce Attorneys at Denmon & Denmon have extensive experience in marital and family law.  If we can help the parties collaborate on their divorce, or drive the matter to a settlement that is fair and reasonable to both parties involved, we will. Our Tampa family law and divorce attorneys will develop a strategic plan of attack to reach a reasonable settlement to the divorce or family law matter.

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Denmon & Denmon Divorce and Family Law Practice Areas

Military Divorce - Divorces involving military personnel can have unique and detrimental effects when it comes to child custody arrangements and the division of assets, among other military divorce issues.
Child Support - Support for your child after or during a divorce can help keep your kids clothed and fed while you put your life back together.
Child Custody - Many parents fear losing custody of their children or becoming a part-time parent. Negotiating a fair time sharing is quintessential to you and your child’s well-being.
Post Divorce Modifications - After a divorce is finalized, it may be necessary to renegotiate the terms of the dissolution of marriage. Not everything is set in stone.
Mediation - If a couple decides that a divorce is mutually beneficial, they may need the services of a mediator to navigate the legal proceedings and paperwork.
Child Relocation - Relocating a child in or out of Tampa requires consensus from both parents regarding the location and custody arrangements.
Alimony - Both parties have equal stake in the marital assets, including retirement funds, wages earned, and possessions obtained during the marriage.
Women’s Divorce - While women are more likely to get more custody over the children, they require additional funds to pay for their needs and their children’s needs.
Men’s Divorce - Men have a lot to lose in a divorce. They can lose time with their children, money, and a slew of other things they hold dear.

You deserve to have your case heard, receive the marital assets you’re entitled to, and move on with your life after a divorce. Contact the Denmon & Denmon family law and divorce attorneys in Tampa to see how we can help you or call (813) 554-3232.

Divorce FAQ

1. What are the residency requirements for divorce in Florida?
One of the spouses in the marriage must reside in Florida for a period of 6 months before their divorce case can be heard. This is to ensure that a Judge will have jurisdiction over the case. You’re allowed to file for divorce in the county that both or either of you reside in.

2. What the differences between uncontested and contested divorces?
In an uncontested divorce, both spouses decide to settle divorce matters outside of a court room. This does not mean that the dissolution of marriage was cordial, as marital assets are still divided, child support and custody arrangements are determined, and alimony is established during these proceedings.

If there are children involved, a couple will often be directed to a court. This divorce court will conduct interviews and make recommendations based on a number of criteria.

During a contested divorce, one or both spouses have a disagreement and must go to divorce court to settle their differences. It’s strongly advised that anyone in this position seek the counsel of an attorney. The paperwork, procedures, and court hearings associated with a dissolution of marriage are very complicated and require a great deal of legal knowledge.

3. How do I initiate a divorce in Tampa?
To begin the process, you or your attorney must file the proper dissolution papers after it’s sure that you meet the residency requirements. After the other spouse has been successfully served, there will be a pre-trial discovery phase, which could include gathering evidence, requesting or providing the proper documentation, or locating viable witnesses, among other things.

If it’s determined that your spouse will not fully cooperate, the case is sent to divorce court to be handled by a judge.

4. I can’t afford an attorney because my spouse was the only one with income. What can I do?
If you can’t afford an attorney and you don’t qualify for legal aid representation, there are options. In some cases, tampa divorce attorney fees can be rolled into your divorce settlement if the court feels that your spouse should pay. This arrangement is contingent on a lot of factors, including whether or not a lawyer will accept this payment arrangement.

Service Locations

Our Firm provides family law services throughout the Bay area, including Clearwater Divorce Attorneys, New Port Richey Divorce Attorneys, and St Petersburg Divorce Services.