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"I would like to thank you all for the great help.  Denmon & Denmon is first class all the way.  I have referred multiple people to your firm already. Denmon & Denmon is a first class law firm, one of the best law firms in all of the Bay Area, a real five star team." - M.M.

I could not have picked better lawyers.

"I wanted to personally thank you for helping me through this rough time / “road block” in my life. Thank you for all that you did and all the hard work.  I could not have picked better lawyers.  It was nice having a law firm that cares, considering I had just moved to Florida and was not familiar with the area. You were on point with everything and moved quickly with every step of the process.  It was nice and comforting knowing I had lawyers representing me where I was a name and not a number.You have an excellent firm and I will without a doubt recommend you to anyone that asks. I truly appreciate it all.  Thanks for everything and the outcome I wanted!" - J.T.

A Law Firm You Can Trust

Unlike many firms, our partners aren’t just attorneys; they’re residents of Tampa, Florida. In fact, both partners, Christian and Nicole, live in the area and actively participate in community events. If you’d like to speak with an experienced and aggressive attorney, contact us at (813) 554-3232 or submit a contact form.

Why Us?

While our individual attorneys specialize in their individual practice areas, we recognize that people will need an attorney more than once in their lifetime. We want our clients to feel comfortable putting their trust in our law firm and feel confident that we can win their cases time and time again.

Denmon & Denmon’s Tampa Office

The relationship our attorneys share at our firm allows us to recommend a legal representative that is well equipped to handle your case. For instance, a former criminal client of Nicole’s might seek out Christian’s help for a car accident issue later.

While our clients receive the individual expertise of an attorney in a particular practice area, they can rest assured that the case will be handled and they will be cared for by Denmon & Denmon with the attention to detail they’ve come to expect. Our clients have a family-owned law firm behind them that’s always there when they need us.

Hillsborough County Courtrooms

Few counties in Florida have more cases in their courts than Hillsborough County. From June 2011 to June 2012, there were 71,005 new criminal, DUI, and personal injury cases in this county.

With such massive resources devoted to handling cases in Florida, skilled attorneys must act aggressively to defend their clients liberties and seek justice, or else risk being lost in the system.

Our Firm Handles:

Personal Injury – Don’t dismiss injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Compensation can help you get back on your feet after an accident.

Car & Auto Accident – Insurance companies are probably already working on your case. Don’t let them get ahead of you.

Divorce & Custody – Divorce can be one of the hardest events to go through. It doesn’t have to ruin your life.

Tampa DUI & Drunk Driving Defense – A drunk driving charge can shatter your employment opportunities, get your license taken away, and ruin your financially.

Serious & Drug Crime Defense – While these crimes carry the most serious of jail terms, the impact on other aspects of your life will be irreparable if you’re prosecuted.

Reputation Management – Being accused of a crime can be damaging to your reputation. This can cost you your job and relationships with loved ones, among other negative consequences.

Denmon Law Tampa Office Location

1560 W Cleveland St
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 554-3232


“Denmon & Denmon, if there was one word I had to use to explain their work I would have to say flawless. Their professional work ethic along with the care and concern they show for their clients are nothing short of astounding. Every step of the way they kept me informed, emailing me every document involved in my case. It gave me a sense of peace and serenity knowing that I had such phenomenal attorneys on my side.” – J.H.